Praetorian Kennel was established in early September 2005 when Ileen and I decided to possess a Golden Retriever. We both just love dogs very much. Before we got married, Ileen had already had dogs like German Shepherd, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Mini Poodle, Bull Terrier, Miniature Daschund, Boxer, and Dalmatian for years. As for me, I wasn’t as lucky as her since I only managed to have some local dogs. They are not as strong, big, and good looking as some other breeds from overseas but did I love all my dogs very much and they were very loyal to me.

History aside, once we got married we would like to have a dog for our companion. Moreover, I was working as an IT consultant and the level of working stress in this area is considerably high. Hence, I certainly would like to have dog to get rid off the stress, and Ileen came up with the idea how about if we keep a Golden Retriever. Funny thing is, I had no idea what kind of dog the Golden Retriever is. But after we visited some kennels, then I noticed I've seen this dog somewhere.

Our first Golden Retriever is Ausables Von Golden Imperium aka Mooly, a two-years-old fine pet with some basic obedience skills. She is a very active bitch yet a very sensitive one. Most of the time she looked sad when we’re not around her, hence we decided to obtain a friend for her.

The next following week we bought our second Golden Retriever, Raffles' Aurelia "Orel", a ten-months-old female puppy with European type of look. Bred by Mr. Michael Lie, Orel is a show prospect one with a strong bone, nice head, big size of body, and good character.

A week after that, I was browsing the net and came across to the site www.anjingkita.com, a dog website for Indonesian dog lovers. There I found this piece information regarding a dog show be held on September 25, 2005. I was so curious what the dog show is. So...I called up Michael and told my interest to put Orel to the show. He positively responded my inquiry and came over to our house to see Orel and assisted us what to prepare for the show.

So there we have it our first dog show experience. It was a Back To Back Group II and VIII dog show held in Cibubur. Orel was in 9-12 month female class. Michael himself handled Orel and she was picked as the 3rd winner out of 8. We were so happy and really enjoyed the show. We definitely wanted to participate in the next dog show. I myself was keen to learn how to handle the dogs and Michael lent me the DVD of 127th Westminter Kennel Club Dog Show.

After Orel arrival, we added more dogs included Ina. Ch. Jazz von Golden Castle from Mr. Robby Darma Lie (Joscelind Kennel) and started building our kennel Praetorian which was named after the Roman Cesar regiment.

The next dog show was the KMPI Multi Breed Dog Exhibition on November 27, 2005 and that was my first time handled my dogs. It was quite an experience for me. I made some mistakes here and there and it appears there's no such thing instance in this world of dog show. So I learnt by mistakes and took many lessons from there.

On October 17, 2005, we mated Jazz with Ina. Ch. Jackson's Snowflake and got seven puppies out of them. One of the puppies is our first champion BIS. BISS. Ina. Ch. Praetorian's Athena. We put her together with Praetorian's Amadeus "Deuz" to the show for the first time when they were 7 months old in KMPI & PERKIN JAYA Multi Breed Back To Back Dog Show on August 19-20, 2006. Surprisingly both of Athena and Deuz got their first Ribbon as Female Best Puppy In Group and Male Best Puppy respectively. Athena herself eventually finished her Indonesian champion at 9 months old in Kuta Carnival BALI All Breed Dog Show earning Best In Show for Local under judge Mr. Cristian Stefanescu, President of the Romanian Kennel Club.

So...that's our story on how we started breeding and exhibiting Golden Retriever. We're hobby breeder who own small number of Goldens striving for the best in type, temperament and soundness. Our location sited in Lenteng Agung which situated around South Jakarta, Indonesia. The kennel is on 8000 meter square which is fenced to let our dogs the free will to run and play to their hearts content. Furthermore, we serve our dogs with 24/7 Air Conditioned Room to maintain their beautiful coats.

We are not line and color prejudiced. Our dogs come in every color tolerable ranging from deep gold to pale cream. We consider each to be beautiful in their own right.

Our puppies are available occasionally. They are de-wormed, vaccinated, and most importantly PERKIN (All Indonesia Kennel Club) Registered.

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