Bangkok, Thailand - Never crossed in my mind especially on these hectic days to participate dog show in overseas, truthfully. But it did become reality by the hand of the owner 'Joshua Rahmat' and handler 'Ton' of Thailand who made our boy Praetorian's Hypnos "Hippo" surprisingly complete his Thailand champion in style.

Hippo's first show in Thailand was in Bangkok Grand Dog Show on 22-23 October 2011 when he straightly won up to Reserve Best in Specialty Show under the Belgian judge Mrs. Monique Vanbrempt. The second show was judged by the Japanese Mr. Katsumi Nakano whom appointed Hippo as Reserve Best Junior in Show winner. And lastly in the third show, Hippo managed to win Best Junior in Show under judge Mr. C.V.Sudarsan of India.

Next on 17-18 December 2011 Hippo registered in Khon Kaen Classic Dog Show and performed quite well by winning the Thai Princess' trophy and awarded as Best in Show winner.

Truly performance by the big lad and huge thanks to Josh and Ton.

Enjoy the picture!



JITEC, Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta - Today is one of the special moment for the Praetorian as our lovely girl Hera has finished the Indonesian champion after appointed as Local Reserve Best of Breed and Best of Group winner under judge Mr. Darren Bowey from Australia.

It's so special because Hera is the daughter of our first litter Athena. In other words, Hera is our first champion produced from our first litter and home-breed champion :)

Thanks to all of our friends who keep supporting us especially to Christopher Ekajaya, the owner of Dough Boy of Pure Gold (Doug). Thanks also to Lae Musashi who happened to handle Hera in Best of Group line up. Next time I will be very careful to decide where to have lunch :)

Enjoy the picture!

With Judge Darren Bowey
Morning training at Praetorian
Pardon with the lack of light surrounding the nose and front muzzle :p


Kusuma Agro Wisata Batu, Malang - Well, what else I can say. First it was Sport, then Hunter, and finally Cassie herself titled as Indonesian Champion after appointed as Reserve Best of Breed winner from our local judge Mr. Martin Riyadi. And there's one more, at the same time Edo was appointed as Best of Breed winner. It's the day for Praetorian indeed :-)

Again here patience is the key if I may share my thoughts for second time. Obviously we must do our best to our dogs. Prepare everything accordingly, waiting for the right moment, and with some luck, voila  there we have it.

Interesting fact is, now Zenith levels Jazz as the current top producer in Praetorian so far. The difference is the latter does it from three different sires, whereas the former does it from one sire only, Hudson.

It will be interesting to watch Cassie performance in year 2011. A tough competition it will be, but then again it's just a game, nothing more.

Judge Martin Riyadi giving some comments
Cassie - after making a round


Mall GTC Tanjung Bunga, Makassar - Another great news as our Golden Boy Praetorian's Canes Venatici "HUNTER" completed his Indonesian champion with style after awarded as Reserve Best In Show Local winner from the very Indonesian judge Mr. Dedy Tjahjono in All Breed Dog Show Perkin Konsulat Makassar. And that's not it, a couple weeks after that the lad parciticated in GRCI Specialty Show and FCI International show in Surabaya and awarded as winner of Reserve Best In Specialty Show and Reserve CACIB Male respectively.

"Excellent performance big boy, what else do you want to show to us. You're simply adorable and made us proud."

Congratulation to the owner Mr. Yudy of Makassar. Thank you for taking care Hunter.

Hunter - RBIS Winner

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