Madagaskar Pet Center, Bandung - As promised I will update the site on regular basis, so here we go. We participated in all breed dog show in Bandung on March 14th, 2010. It wasn't really a big show but the competition was still there.


Winner Dog and Bitch Go To Praetorian!!!

Yeaaaah, that's what I'm talking about, and spectacularly Sport did it again as the wonder boy amazingly went from open class to steal the Reserve Best In Show and Best In Show for local handled by the owner Marcelino, under Indonesian All Breed judge Mr. Agus Wardhana.

Apart from that, we had Cassie who was awarded as Winner Bitch under All Breed judge Mr. Thanakrit Patinyawat of Thailand. Already hold two CC minor, Cassie needs a major point to complete her Indonesian champion. It won't be easy, but that's the reason people have been interested in the dog show. Always focus, be patient, and find the right moment to take your dog to the show.


 NEWS RECAP - February 28, 2010

Praetorian, Jakarta - Apologize again for not updating the site for a while as lately my job has driven me crazy. Thank God I still have time to manage the lads in regular daily basis. I'll try to update the site as often as possible.

Excuse aside, several great news for the Praetorians' as we have two new Champions in Sport and Lady. Woohoooo :). Other than that, we also have two very promising puppies in Winnie and Doc.


Praetorian's Colloseum Arena "Sports"
So proud and happy with Sport's performance I am. It was a thrilled moment to see the lad went from the class to win Reserve Best In Show for Local under judge Mr. Rudi Hubental of Norway. The boy was so confident in the ring; more over I can see a good bounding between him and his owner/handler, Marcelino. Thanks bro. Can't wait to see Sport in the ring again this year.


Praetorian's Bali Dancer "Lady"
It takes effort, courage, and patient to bring Lady to the show, and eventually it was Gun Dog judge Mrs. Carol Mulcahy from Australia who appointed Lady as winner of Reserve Best of Breed that finished her Indonesian Champion. "Excellent angulation and smooth expression are some comments stated by the judge". Thanks Lady, you make us proud. And thanks also to Jazz for producing such an excellent female.


Praetorian's Go 'N Win With Honor "Winnie"
Surprise, surprise. It was Winnie's first show in 6-9 month class and the pups immediately won 2 x Best Puppy and 1 x Best Puppy In Show under judge Mr. Rodi Hubental. Thank you Winnie. Go Hazel!!!


Praetorian's Doc Holiday "Doc"
Now this is really something special for us as Doc is produced from our very own litter Praetorian's Ajax ex. Praetorian's One Fine Day. It was sporting judge Mr. Agusto Benedicto III, the Philippine Canine Club President who awarded him as winner of Best Baby In Specialty Show.

Inherit Ajax type of head, Doc maintains a very balance angulation, long reach and excellent rear drive. Certainly eyes should be put on him in the near future. Watch out his performance :)


 NEWS RECAP - July 22, 2009

Praetorian, Jakarta - First of all, I would like to apologize as I haven't updated the site as it should. Numerous events have been passed and I think I'm just going to sum them up.

Let's start with our young fellow Praetorian's Collosseum Arena aka "SPORT", my first pick from the litter of Hudson ex. Zenith. The lad was brought by his owner Mr. Marcelino to participate in puppy class in Perkin Jabar Dog Show on May 9-10, 2009. And eventually Sport got his 1st CC as he earned 1x 1st place in class, 1x Best Puppy, 1x Best Futurity for Local under judge Mrs. Sharon P. Francis of Canada. Marcel and I were so happy with the result, plus it was a breeder-handled :p.

Several weeks after that, Sport took part in KDI Jabar dog show and again he won 1x Best Puppy. So, as of today Sportedo already collected 2 CCs minor; he needs 1 CC major to complete his Indonesian Champion. Btw I'm telling you guys now. This boy can do a lot. You just wait and see him in near future :)

Next is our classic masterpiece Praetorian's French Vanilla "Ice" out of from our very own litter Praetorian's Ajax ex. Praetorian's Daphne. We showed her for the first time in Perkin Jaya National and Specialty show on April 25-26, 2009. The result is unimaginable as she won Best Puppy In Specialty Show under judge Mr. Kari Jarvinen, probably the most prolific judge in world of dog show.

Notes from Mr. Jarvinen: "This puppy represents a truly Golden Retriever with her excellent forechest and type of head".

Below is picture of Ice with Mr. Jarvinen. Excuse the "Best Puppy In Show" title, as it was wrongly put.

Praetorian's French Vanilla "ICE"

 NATIONAL & FCI CACIB DOG SHOW- March 22-23, 2009

PRJ Kemayoran, Jakarta - The Praetorian's puppies participated in National & FCI CACIB dog show 2009. All the pups performed very well but we still believe the best is yet to come.

It was a tough competition for Bubba as he competed against 10 dogs on the National and 18 dogs on the FCI show, but did he manage to earn the 4th place on both shows. Moreover, his performance was way better compare to his previous one at the very same place last month. Obviously the lad still got a lot to give.

Praetorian's Balian of Ibelin "BUBBA"

Lady was our star during the show. She earned 3rd place in 9-12 month class on the National and 1st place in Junior class on the FCI show defeating 13 dogs. She needs a CC major to complete her Indonesian Champion once she reaches one year old on May 14, 2009.

Praetorian's Bali Dancer "LADY"

As for our baby girl Cassie, she looked confused and a bit nervous when entering the ring on the first day show and earned 3rd place out of six participants in 6-9 month class. On the second day we used a different approach and apparently it worked out as she looked enjoying the show even though the result was the same, 3rd place :p.

Praetorian's Cassiopeia Constellation "CASSIE"
Complete Result:
Judge: Mr. John W. Thompson (Australia) Class Place Result
Praetorian's Cassiopeia Constellation Female 6-9 month 3rd winner out of 6 Very Promising
Praetorian's Bali Dancer Female 9-12 month 3rd winner out of 8 Very Promising
Praetorian's Balian of Ibelin Male 9-12 month 4th winner out of 11 Very Promising
Judge: Mrs. Wendye Slatyer (Australia) Class Place Result
Praetorian's Cassiopeia Constellation Puppy female 3rd winner out of 6 Very Promising
Praetorian's Bali Dancer Junior female 1st winner out of 14 Very Promising
Praetorian's Balian of Ibelin Junior male 4th winner out of 19 Very Promising


PRJ Kemayoran, Jakarta - Golden Castle's Zenith "Ojen" has completed her Indonesian Champion during the Indonesian Pomeranian Club (IPC) dog show after appointed as the winner of Reserve Best of Breed for Local as well as Best of Opposite Sex under Gun Dog judge Mrs. Anna Spanswick of Australia.

It was Ojen come back to the ring after gave birth to her first babies about seven months ago, yet she still confidently managed to win the trophy. We're so relieved and happy with the result that now we can pet her and make her even happier. In other words, she surely won't experience any morning or night conformation training from me anymore although I think she kinda like it :).

We also brought Praetorian's Bali Dancer "Lady" and and introduced Praetorian's Balian of Ibelin "Bubba" owned by Mr. Mentro Andrata to the show. It was the third show for Lady and she started proving her consistency by earning three times 1st winner in 6-9 month female class under judge Mrs. Lynne Harwood of Australia, Mrs. Anna Spanswick of Australia, and Mr. Ekarat Sangkunakup of Thailand, and 2nd winner under judge DR.Iain-James Hinde of Australia. She was also awarded as Best Puppy in breed and Best Puppy in Group winner under judge Mrs. Lynne Harwood.

As for Bubba, he did well on his first show though sometimes I feel he was not in his best condition. And the result is 1st place in 6-9 month male class under judge Mrs. Lynne Harwood, two times 2nd place under judge DR. Iain-James Hinde and Mr. Ekarat Sangkunakup, and 3rd place under judge Mrs. Anne Spanswick. Let's wait and see his performance on the next dog show.

Zenith in the middle

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