The home of the Praetorians' resides on nearly 8000 meter square area, located in Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta. Equipped with Air Condition 24x7, we have rooms for 24 dogs which separated into three different places.

Newly born puppies are raised in our family room within the main house. Later we move them to the Puppies Room located near by the main house. Once the puppies are about 6 months old, we move them to the kennel and stay with adult dogs.

During play-time, the boys and girls can go out within our two fenced playing field areas. Both of the fields can be perfectly utilized for conformation training purpose. The first field is positioned in front of the main house and is bigger than the second one. The second field is sited just in front of the second kennel. On top of that, our home is also set with small area of asphalt ground which can be used for conformation training function.

First Kennel  

It's all started from here, the first kennel that we built back in late 2005 with six rooms and Air Condition. Some of the dogs like Mooly, Orel, Princess, Jazz, Deuz, Athena, etc. were raised and stayed in this kennel. Recently this kennel is used for boarding and isolated room.

Second Kennel  

Then in June 2006 we built another kennel that was planned to use for raising the puppies. The kennel has seven rooms with Air Conditions. Dogs like Dionne, Edo, and Pepita were raised there. This kennel is bigger than the first one.

Third Kennel  

Finally in early 2008 we constructed our third kennel, the biggest one. It wasn't supposed to be there, because we don't want to own many dogs. However, from time to time we have our friends want to drop their dog off with us, hence we decided to built our third kennel with eleven rooms and Air Condition. In front of this kennel is our small fenced training field which used during play-time and conformation training.

Training Field  

This is our main training field. It's all dogs' favorite pitch especially for our lovely Athena. She just runs, runs, and runs without us throwing a ball for her. Moreover, during play-time all the kids always impatiently race from their kennel to this field. Next to the field is our small asphalt ground area.

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